Skal Club Of Goa conducted its GBM on Wednesday 29th January 2020 at The Park Baga River in Arpora, Goa.

Two Presentations were offered –
a) Hostec – A company that is supplying various items from A to Z to the hotels. They introduced their product range & mode of operation as well.
b) Anish Quenim presented a program developed for the Hospitality Industry called the ‘ IcebreaQers Hospitality Crisis Handling Workshop ‘. The speaker spoke about how he can assist hospitality corporations to build relations with their local police, a relationship that has a positive impact on the tourism economy as it improves the environments for all stakeholders. Do visitors to Goa really feel protected? Does the staff of the hotel feel there is someone to help them when in crisis? Does the neighboring community feel connected to the hotel brand and its stakeholders or yet have that acceptance divide which leads to community unrest? Can the management of the hotel partner in a unique way with their police station to address such questions and rise as one community? The attendance was 55 pax.